Thursday, October 26

Lily Adams And Sarah Vandela: Feed Me Your Holes

Lily was headed to see her most recent break-up at his house. Too bad she got stopped by his mom first, who has a zero tolerance policy for naive little sluts trying to toy with her little boy. Lily broke her sons heart, it was time for her to learn a lesson, and Sarah was going to be the bitch that gave it to her. She starts by pushing Lily against the wall, ripping her clothes off, and demeaning her. Then she eats every hole Lily has to offer while stretching and pushing them to their outermost. Lily's pussy was on fire from all the friction, and Sarah's mouth was orgasming from all of Lily's luscious juices. Hopefully, this will make Lily think twice before she tries to fuck around with a young boy's feelings ever again, but if it doesn't, hot damn! This scene was incredibly sexy and should be watched until the very last second.

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