Wednesday, November 16

Curious Cuties Orgasm Together

Nata Ocean comes to Amy Douxxx’ room to discuss some things with her, but, little by little, their conversation results in discussing sex. It turns out that Amy Douxxx craves for making sex with a girl just to widen her sexual experience. Nata Ocean tells her there is a way to satisfy her desire right in that room and in that bed. Nata Ocean bares her tits and tells Amy Douxxx she can touch them. Finally, they finish the action with a mutual masturbation and a couple of orgasms.

Tuesday, August 16

Gina Gerson and Shalina Devine Passionate Lovemaking

These two are finally going at each other after numerous failed attempts. It has been a busy month for these two and they haven’t really had a chance to do this. Now is the right time and these two hotties didn’t waste any time. The woman in the red bra and thong is Shalina Devine and her lesbian fuck buddy Gina Gerson wearing her favorite white lingerie. Both started to kiss each other romantically with passion. You can see both of their lips and their tongue are all over in the camera in closeup.

Horny lesbians Marylin Crystal and Shalina Devine Dildo Fuck

Imagine two hot chicks wearing their sexy, skimpy swimsuits. Marylin Crystal and Shalina Devine are chilling out at the rooftop and taking a dip on their pool. With their sexy bodies on display, they wet their body before relaxing on the chair. Both are drinking their orange juices before their horniness kicks in. These two lesbians start to touch each other and Shalina initiates this naughty deed, removing Marylin’s bra revealing those fine tits. She started to lick the blonde’s nipples while at the same time removing her bottom as well.

Monday, August 15

Adult Time presents Women's World

Adult Time presents Women's World.

When all of the men in the world suddenly change into women overnight, only a handful of people seem to realize or remember. Everyone else thinks the world has always been this way - a Woman's World. We follow along with several loosely connected protagonists as they explore how this new world has changed their lives - for the sexier.

Sunday, August 7

We Like Girls - Charlotte & Aiden

When it comes to lesbian sex, chemistry is everything. It’s the first thing fans notice and the sensuality of two women who really love each other is an amazing thing to see.

Hot Lesbian Roommates Lick Pussies

Angel Rai and Viola Weber share a flat and that means they do everything together. Well, they try to focus on doing needed things but they get distracted so easily. After all, it’s impossible to concentrate on one thing when your roommate is shaking her tits or ass right in front of your eyes. Finally, Angel Rai and Viola Weber stop pretending they are not paying attention to each other and move on to playing their favorite sex games in their comfy bed.

Sweeties Lick Sweet Lesbian Pussies

Alise Paradise and Mini Love share a flat and they help each other often. They even help each other to choose the best outfits that underline the beauty of her hot bodies. Mini Love asks Alise Paradise to check if that T-shirt matches her shorts. Sure, she needs to take off everything but the view of her naked tits turns on Alise Paradise so much that she talks her friend into staying naked for a while and playing with each other till they both orgasm.